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There is a range of social media and apps available to you to assist you with your water safety.

This includes RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and various other online communication tools.

NSW Ma​r​​itime

​ ​​ twitter.com/nswmaritime

Marine Area Command - NSW Police Force


Surf Life Saving​ NSW

​  twitter.com/slsnsw

Surfi​​ng NSW

​  twitter.com/surfingnsw​


Marine ​Notice RSS feed

Marine Notices are issued both to provide safety advice to vessel operators and in accordance with certain statutory requirements. Marine Notices are issued Advising of Navigation Warnings, and Advising of exclusive use conditions pursuant to an Aquatic Licence or Special Event.

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Beach​​Safe app

The BeachSafe app enables users to access detailed information about Australia's 12,000 beaches including weather and forecast's, tide, swell, service patrol periods, Lifesaving Clubs, regulatory and hazard information. The app utilises location aware features and can give full beach safety information based on your current location.

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Watch the weather - s​​et an alert

This service allows you to choose the area of interest along the coast, or in Alpine areas, and to choose how often the alert is sent to you and most importantly, what wind threshold you believe is important to you. You can customize the alert to be of most use to you. This email service does not replace the official forecast and Maritime strongly recommends all skippers keep a close eye on the official weather.

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Safety equi​pment alert

There are certain items in the safety equipment list that have an expiry date. Such dates are applied in a bid to ensure this equipment will work when needed, which can include life threatening circumstances. Safety gear that carry expiry dates include: flares, emergency position indicating radio beacons and inflatable lifejackets. This alert service online will also allow you to include an alert for the due date for other activities such as your mooring service, engine service, registration and licence renewals.

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Bureau of Meteor​ology Blog

On the Bureau of Meteorology Blog you will be able to read articles, find information and check out the multimedia they provide to you.

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AUSTSWIM issues newsletters on a monthly basis to AUSTSWIM teachers™ and AUSTSWIM recognised swim centres directly to their email.

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