​Monitoring weather ​condi​tions

Bureau of Meteor​​ology (BOM)

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) broadcasts forecasts and warnings on the Bureau of Meteorology website, HF radio bands, voice and fax. Warnings are available by phoning 1300 659 218.

The BOM also offers a facsimile service (02) 9296 1567 which provides all forecasts, weather observations, satellite cloud photographs and synoptic weather charts.

The BOM website has forecasts and warnings on:

Watch the wea​​ther - set an alert

This service allows you to choose the area of interest along the coast, or in Alpine areas, and to choose how often the alert is sent to you and most importantly, what wind threshold you believe is important to you. In this way, you can customize the alert to be of most use to you. This email service does not replace the official forecast and Maritime strongly recommends all skippers keep a close eye on the official weather.

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Marine and​​ Ocean

NSW Mar​itime

NSW Maritime provides forecasts by phone 13 12 36 or on their website www.maritime.nsw.gov.au , which also includes information from a number of coastal bar cameras .


A number of organisations also broadcast this information on marine band radios (27 MHz,VHF and HF bands) at regular intervals or on request. They include Sydney Ports and Marine Rescue NSW.

Marine Notice RS​​​S feed

Marine Notices are issued both to provide safety advice to vessel operators and in accordance with certain statutory requirements. Marine Notices are issued Advising of Navigation Warnings, and Advising of exclusive use conditions pursuant to an Aquatic Licence or Special Event.

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Coastal w​​av​e heights

Information on the latest coastal wave heights at six locations along the NSW coast provided by the Department of Public Works and Services Manly Hydraulics Laboratory.

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Inland w​ate​​rs

Real time water data - Dams, Rivers and Streams

Real time water data for Dams, Rivers and Streams is available on the NSW Water Information provides close to real time water data for major dams, rivers and streams across NSW.

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