W​​ater safety sy​​mbols

Taking notice of relevant symbols and signage is an important way of making the most of your time in and on the water.

Prohi​​bition symbols

Prohibition symbols have a red circle with a slash on white background with a black pictogram.

Activities pictured with this type of sign are prohibited.

sign for Don't swim 
Don​'t swim

sign for No Diving 
No diving

sign for No Bodyboarding 
No Bodyboarding

sign for no surf craft 
No surf craft

sign for no personal watercraft 
No Personal Watercraft

sign for no mechnically powered craft 
No Mechanically Power

sign for no fishing 
No Fishing

Hazar​d symbols

Hazard symbols have a yellow diamond with a black pictogram.

This type of symbol identifies danger or a potential dangerous situation.

sign for Deep water 
Deep Water

sign for Shallow Water 
Shallow Water

sign for Edge of cliff edge 
Edge of cliff edge 

sign for Sharks 

sign for High surf 
High surf 

sign for Strong Current 
Strong current 

sign for Floating marine creatures 
marine creatures

sign for Marine creatures underwater 
creatures underwater