Water Safety NSW


​NSW Water Safety Strategy 2013-2015​

The overall objective of the NSW Water Safety Strategy 2013-2015 (the Strategy) is to reduce the rate of drowning in NSW and contribute toward the aspirational goal under the Australian Water Safety Strategy of a national reduction in drowning deaths of 50% by 2020.

Improving water safety culture is first and foremost about education, skills improvement and increasing participation.

To do this the Strategy will provide the blueprint for water safety initiatives that focus on the key priority areas for action; drawing on the work already done by the NSW Water Safety Advisory Council (WSAC) and associated partners in previous years.

The Strategy has been developed by the WSAC with input from member organisations on the actions to be undertaken.

While the time frame of the Strategy is only until 2015, it is intended that it will be reviewed and continued from that date. With this premise, some actions under the Strategy will continue beyond 2015.

The draft Strategy was the subject of a broader targeted consultation with other water safety organisations or those who are affiliated with water safety, education or rescue activities.

Central to the Strategy is the partnerships and work of stakeholders with expertise in water safety, education and risk reduction.

The Strategy is consistent with the targets of the Australian Water Safety Strategy.

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