​​Supervise ch​ildren​​

Always keep watch when children are in and around any water

Many drownings happen in the few seconds that parents are distracted. Supervision means you or an appropriate adult and continually watching your child.

Supervision should be constant, not the occasional glance whilst you read a book ​or relax.

Take your child with you whenever you leave the ocean, swimming pool or bathtub.

  • Is your child being supervised?​
  • Have you emptied the bathtub?
  • Is the lid on the nappy bucket?
  • Can your child gain access to the pool or spa?
  • Have you checked for other water dangers such as open drains, garden ponds, creeks or dams?
  • At parties or gatherings by the pool nominate a designated child supervisor and rotate the supervision responsibilities regularly.

Water famil​iarisation

It is recommended that young children can begin water familiarisation programs from 6 months of age. The water temperature should be at least 30 degress with air temperature ideally higher (therefore an indoor facility).