Wear a lifejacket - It never ruined a day on the water
For a limited time trade in your old lifejacket for a new, modern style at a discounted price. <br><br><a href="/old4new">More on the campaign at lifejacketwearit.com.au</a> AUSTSWIM's Learning Pillars platform provides organisations with a clear framework that describes the attributes of quality swimming and water safety education. <br><br><a href="/austswim">More on AUSTSWIM's Learning Pillars platform</a> <a href="http://lifejacketwearit.com.au">lifejacketwearit.com.au</a>, a NSW Maritime website, promotes greater awareness of lifejackets and when to wear them. <br><br><a href="/boating-safety/lifejackets.html" class="more">More on Lifejackets</a> APOLO's Stay Safe on Australian Beaches multilingual videos provide tips on how to learn new surf skills and ways to avoid potential beach hazards. They are available in five different languages.<br><br><a href="/apolo">APOLO website</a>
For a limited time trade in your old lifejacket for a new, modern style at a discounted price.

More on the campaign at lifejacketwearit.com.au

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Beach safety

Do you know what the red and yellow flags at the beach mean?

Do you know how to recognise a rip, and would you know what to do if you were caught in one?

Staying safe on Inland waters

Did you know cold water in lakes can be lethal? It is often much colder beneath the surface than you think.

This website has information on lake, river, dam and alpine waters and how to best keep your children safe around inland waters.

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