Rock fishing safety tips

Angel ring

Choose the safest possible location

  • Ask for advice from locals and experienced anglers who know the area
  • Take time to observe the conditions - spend at least half an hour watching the wind and wave action before deciding whether the area is suitable. Think about what your fishing spot be like in a few hours time with different tides and weather
  • Look for Angel Ring locations. Angel Rings are life bouys installed at popular rock fishing spots across NSW. Angel Rings can keep the victim afloat and away from the rocks until help arrives.
  • Always check and understand the weather conditions and tides before you leave home. This will help you to choose the safest possible location to go fishing
  • Plan an escape route in case you are washed in

Stay alert to the weather conditions

Weather conditions can prove hazardous for people not properly prepared for rock fishing.

Wear the right gear

When going rock fishing ensure you have the correct safety gear. Wearing the right gear can stop you from slipping into the water or can reduce problems if you do go into the surf. Gear includes:

  • Life jacket
  • Non-slip footwear - wear shoes with non-slip soles or cleats. Rock plates or cleats are essential on wet, weedy rocks
  • Light clothing - together with the life jacket, if you are washed off rocks you will be bouyant and your clothes won't drag you down.

Never fish alone

No place is perfectly safe for rock fishing.

  • Fish only with others in places where experienced anglers go.
  • Be sure to inform someone who you are not fishing with of your location.

If someone is washed into the ocean

  • Don't jump in after them
  • Look for an angel ring, life bouy or something that floats. More information on Angel Rings
  • Throw the life bouy, or something that floats, to the person in the water
  • Dial 000 on your mobile phone or go for help

A real life rescue