​Home Pool Safety​​

Drowning is one of the leading causes of death in children under four years of age and swimming pools are the leading location.
In the past 25 years more than 965 children have lost their lives to drowning. For every death, approximately seven children are hospitalised for non-fatal drowning, many living with a permanent disability as a result.  


All private pools and spas in NSW are required to be registered so councils know where pools are located.

Fencing requirements

The requirements for pool fencing vary depending on when the pool was built and where the pool is located.

 Image: Courtesy of Royal Life Saving NSW

Safety checklist

Royal Life Saving has developed a home pool safety checklist. This checklist allows pool owners to conduct a self-assessment of the home pool and its surrounds to ensure it is safe for everyone to enjoy and minimises the risk of young children drowning. The checklist is not a substitute for an inspection. 

Prevent your child from drowning 

Royal Life Saving recommends the following Keep Watch safety tips to keep your child safe from drowning:

  • Actively supervise children around water
  • Restrict Access
  • Teach water awareness
  • Learn how to resuscitate
These should not be used individually but together to maximise child safety. If one line of defence fails, the other prevention measures will be actively working to prevent a child drowning.